Science Centre

Game based tours in Agóra Science Centre are:

3) Biology and Botanic

When designing the game “Biology and Botanic” we wanted to create an exciting, dynamic program, using the possibilities of digital technology, that can teach new knowledge outside the classroom in an entertaining way. The game takes place in the Botanical garden. Players have to find GPS spots and answer questions to gain points. Players can learn new information and interesting facts about botanical and zoological topics. Participants receive points for the right answers, their aim is to get right results at as many checkpoints as it is possible during 1-hour tour.

Teachers and group leaders can find necessary information before playing the game with the help of the script. For instance: needed tools, duration, suggested group age and group size. Besides that, they get suggestions on how to summarize the tour back at school. 

Tour summary at school: 

After the visit teenagers will participate in an interactive quiz, made in popular application Kahoot to check their gained knowledge during the game based tour in Botanical garden. 
The student who collect the biggest amount of points will get the Master of botanic title and diploma.
You can download the script HERE (in Hungarian), HERE (in English)