Game Based Tours

As part of the project each partner prepared three educational tours. The tours are placed in the exhibition areas of the science centers and young people can take part in them through a game on a mobile application. Game based tours are an example of innovative educational tools, which are fun and modern ways of encouraging the interest in science among youth. Additionally, scripts for lessons were prepared to support teachers in the continuation of the project back at schools.

We would like to share these ideas, hoping they will inspire you to create your own innovative educational tools.

Three game based tours for teenagers are supposed to encourage young people to deepen their knowledge during their visit in science centres and discover that science can be exciting. During tours teenagers not only gain new knowledge, they also learn how to creatively use it while finding solutions to given problems, prepare their own educational materials and create games for their friends.

According to our observation, teachers with youth groups do not fully exploit the potential of science centres’ exhibitions. The prepared educational tools try to fill that void while designing ways for stronger involvement of visitors and participation of a wider range of students. 

Inviting teenagers to the exciting and riveting experience of game playing, connected to using ICT platforms and team work while using their own or exhibition based knowledge, should encourage them to deepen their scientific interests. Game based tours develop communication, cooperation, creative problem solving and observation skills. Based on that teenagers can learn how to use gained knowledge in practice. Moreover, tours will be summarized and creatively processed during classes at school or during field trips. 

The tools, created during this project, show teachers how to put across the school curriculum as an exciting experience and how to creatively work on the experiences from the visits in science centres. 

We would also like to inspire employees from other European science centres to develop their offer. 

Individual Tours Per Science Centre